• Indefinite Leave To Remain In the UK  Apply for ILR
  • The Council of Europe Secretary General (Mr Thorbjørn Jagland) has made a vigorous response towards Member States who may be starting preparation in returning Iraqi citizens and describing it as a potential breach of a European Court of Human Rights decision.
  • As we previously announced on 9 October 2010 the Home Office will be changing the fee list. From the week commencing 22 November onwards the UK Border Agency will be introducing new application fees for all migrants applying to enter the UK or extending their leave to remain in the UK for work.. New Home Office fees

  • Following the recent attacks in Iraq upon the Christian젂erlin೴ate interior minister, Mr Ehrhart Koerting, has encouraged the German government to grant asylum to up to 2, 500 Iraqi Christians.  On Wednesday he commented that the German government should take in Iraqi Christians instantly and autonomously of European Union decisions.He stated that humanitarian help must be provided to the Iraqi Christians as their country has failed to protect them. This follows the attack on Monday where two Christians were subject to death in their homes by gunmen...IraqOn the 9 of November 2010 the German court decided to suspend returning an asylum seeker to Italy on a temporary basis under the Dublin Regulations. The decision, which is of temporary nature and specific to this case, gave the courts the opportunity to express their concerns regarding the humanitarian situation of asylum seekers in Italy, specially the health and housing issues, which have been seen to be failing to meet the minimum European standards. The Court stressed valid doubts as to whether Italy 榥rs reasonable assurances穴h regards to the fundamental rights of individuals who have applied for international protection.
  • Following the UK Border Agency࡮nouncement on 9 June 2010, as of 29 November 2010, any migrant wishing to enter or extend their stay in the United Kingdom as a partner of a British citizen or a person settled in the UK must demonstrate the ability to speak and understand the English language.New English Language Requirement

  • Naik v Secretary of State for the Home Department & Anor [2010] EWHC 2825 .This case concerned Dr. Naik, an Indian National and leading Muslim writer and public speaker who was seeking to enter the UK to speak at various events in 2010, was excluded by the Secretary of State on 16th June 2010 on the basis that it was conducive to public good and in accordance with the Home Officeవblished guidance on ceptable behaviors༁ id=w1290122514805 href="">Case law
  • Further to our previous update when the UK Border Agency publicly introduced a set limit on the number of initial Tier 1 (General) applications under the points-based system, this limit is in place until 31 March 2011 and does not apply to dependents applications or those who wish to extend an existing visa under Tier 1.

  • In what is said to be the first major speech by the Home Secretary with regards to immigration, she has committed to changing the current government policy and amongst other things she aims to ensure that UK is only available to those who are seen as to be the brightest and the best. Read More

  • The UK Border Agency announced that they have secured a new contract with Reliance Secure Task Management who will be taking over the responsibility of escorting detainees in the UK and on removal flights when detainees are returned to their home country. The company already manages a number of contracts for Her Majestyвison Service. The UK Border Agency announced that this company known as Reliance will start their 4 year contract as of May 2011. Until that date, the current contracting company known as G4S will continue to be responsible for the management of escorting detainees as instructed by the UK Border Agency.. Read More

  • The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal have refused the appeal of a Bangladesh citizen seeking permission to visit family in the UK...RK ("purpose" of family visit) Bangladesh [2006] UKAIT 00045 (24 April 2006)
  • IP and others (A2 national 篲ker authorisation 帥mptions) Bulgaria [2009] UKAIT In a reconsidered appeal, the Senior Immigration Jjudge has overturned the appeal decision of the Immigration Judge, allowing three appellants to obtain registration certificates as confirmation of their right to residence in the UK. Read More

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